I have been aware for years that people leave books they have read behind for others to read. I have always considered that a very kind thing to do. This phenomenon has resulted in Little Free Libraries popping up in lots of places. Jessica McClard was inspired by this phenomenon, and took it a step further. In Fayetteville (USA), she built the first Little Free Pantry, with food and supplies for people in need.

Anyone can access Jessica's Little Free Pantry at any time, either to place or to take items. Items with a high turnover are things like peanutbutter, garden vegetables, bread, feminine hygiene products and diapers, but the pantry can contain all sorts of other things too, from drinks to children's toys. 

And the idea is spreading; more and more Little Free Pantries are popping up. Jessica provides all the information needed on the Little Free Pantry website, and her Facebook page has over 18.000 followers.

Jessica encourages people to build their own Little Free Pantry; lots of useful information can be found on the Little Free Pantry website. I hope these boxes keep making life just a bit easier for others...