Mycah's story

A new artist has arrived on the scene - Maaike Breyman - with a cheerful retropop sound that is perfect for festivals, clubs and house concerts alike. Her debut album is chockfull of catchy pop songs and snappy lyrics, the refreshing result of a transatlantic recording project that brought the singer to studios in the USA, England and the Netherlands. The album is inspired by the pop music of the 60s and 70s, which forms the basis of the contemporary and authentic sound created by Maaike in collaboration with composer Remco Engels (NL) and producers Francis Dunnery (USA) and Bart Wagemakers (NL). Maaike's songs are both a source of comfort and an invitation to dance and celebrate life.

Haarlem (NL) born singer Maaike Breyman has a wealth of experience in the international music scene and an unbridled love of the stage. ‘With my timeless lyrics I hope to provide my audience with some inspiration and positive energy. My sound is contemporary, but with more than just a nod to sounds from the past that will be instantly recognisable to many music lovers. And it is exactly this familiarity that often helps to prompt a smile or trigger a moment of happiness,’ according to Maaike.

Maaike was simply born for the stage. She studied singing at the conservatory in Alkmaar in the Netherlands before unleashing her unique talent live on the national and international music scene. An energetic live performer, Maaike aspires to touch the soul with her music. She has proven herself to be a performer of international calibre, thanks in no small part to her very successful Kate Bush tribute show Dreaming of Kate in 2010. Her rich imagination and love of storytelling are evident in the lyrics that she writes. Maaike: ‘I have been lucky enough in the past to be able to work on many wonderful musical projects, but now I hope to steal the hearts of the public with my own album and with the positive message that I wish to share through my very own songs.’


Gates will move, open up and flow around, wonder calling...”

— Maaike Breyman - Energy Song

Mycah ny2

Did you know... 

... Mycah is not too fond of speaking in public; she prefers singing

Did you know... 

... Maaikes parents used to run a dance school before she was born

Did you know... 

... all female backing vocals on "The Mycah Principle" are sung by Maaike herself. She has a big vocal range, and together with producer Francis Dunnery experimented a lot with different vocal sounds for the backing vocals.

Did you know... 

... Maaike loves plants and can't see them get thrown away unless they're absolutely dead. Even plants with the slightest sign of life will be attempted to get rescued of she can help it.

Did you know... 

... Remco has an executive MBA degree but prefers to write and perform music instead of managing companies. He still coaches MBA students though.